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I didnt understand this one bit.... BUT IT WAS FREAKING EPIC!!!
good music and equally good graphics ;)

Big lol from me

lol, Im lost for words.... I saw this and Im like... wtf? but then it started getting funny and yea its a big lol from me :P

Theres nothing to say....

Man, I dont think theres possibly anything that can be said that will explain what just happened, I loved the idea of a musical narration, and the animation was BRILLIANT, if there was a button man, 11 for sure....

TARBOY II PLEASE!!! Cant wait!

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Why dont game programmers take into account laptops anymore?
Gr8 game but yea, close to impossible to play on a laptop

Awesome buuuuut...

Hey man this game was awesome, loved it heaps, it really did well in simulating the original game so tops to that, the only thing that I hated was the fact that i got to level 36.... that level is unbeatable.... on a laptop.... I frantically tried to do it and failed many times so I gave up, maybe in the future, some laptop support? or not so tricky "quick movement" levels? Thatd be awesome.
Still giving ten star coz portal is my favourite game and you didnt disappoint ;D

high scores please

Meh I guess it was alright, a bit simple though.
229'937 Score I got
its one of those addictive games that you can play forever.

Oh and nxt time include high scores :)
20 minutes of time I'll neva get back and nothing to show for it.

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Was this written while you were on drugs?

This sounds like total and utter spew henceforth my mouth.

Although slightly catchy, it reminds me of dissecting my my brothers hampster while it was still alive. Watching it struggle around the kitchen bench was quite entertaining for a while, however when my parents got home and saw the amount of blood that was on the bench along with the entrails of a now 3 part hampster, the lecture that ensued told me that this was not worth it. To make matters worse, my little brother was still tied to the chair in absolute horror whilst having to watch his hampster mutilated.

So I guess what I was trying to say, did you write this song as a theme song to your life?

5 Stars and 10/10 mate!! Keep up the good work!

Directly of East West

Haha just one button in east west good job bro ;) xD
Love the patch though, great sound xD

Madanimation responds:


12 out of 10

Best freakin take on this song I think i've ever heard,
just curious though, how did you produce this?
Is the whole thing real? Coz it sounds real or did you use some midi?

Great job mate ;)

TheJonnyDeath responds:

Whole thing is real, I don't use midi.

Glad you like it, and this is actually pretty old (like 2 years) xD

Hey, Im better than you. That is all.

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